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Here at Dilly Dallies spices and sauces we offer a HUGE selection of unique products.  We have a great variety of local products such as maple syrup, honey, bbq rubs and sauces, as well as cheese curd from the Cuba Cheese Shoppe, and jellies and jams from Dragonfly. Mixed in we have some of the best bbq products from across the country, including everglades seasoning,  gator hammock, Sucklebusters, and John Henry’s,  just to name a few.  When you walk in, you will notice over 120 different varieties of hot sauce, with samples everyday to try something new. If Olive oil is your thing, we have you covered as well.  Bloody Mary fan?  Check out our HUGE selection.  Whether you are having a bbq with the family, or looking for a great little place to buy a unique gift, it’s worth checking us out!

Available Flavors
Peppered cranberry (spicy)
Spicy many tango (very spicy)
Aloha plum
Caramel apple
Red raspberry

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Peppered cranberry (spicy), Spicy many tango (very spicy), Aloha plum, Nectarines, Caramel apple, Red raspberry, Blueberry, strawberry