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Jak Jeckel Red Sol Pepper Sauce


Jak Jeckel Red Sol Pepper Sauce – The Red Sol flavor profile is based on Jak Jeckel’s Gourmet Pepper Sauce, but with an added kick. They started with the Gourmet Pepper Sauce recipe and add one and a half times more Habanero peppers to raise the heat level and heat duration. Red Sol maintains the same rich smoky and peppery flavor found in the Gourmet Pepper Sauce. The rich smoky and peppery flavors of the sauce are balanced with a mix of salty, sweet, and citrus background notes. This sauce also has a ?NON-vinegar? formula with the main base of the sauce coming from the Haba?ero, Jalape?o, Chipotle, and Red Bell pepper puree. This extra heated peppery base allows for a thick full-flavored sauce with no bitterness and a gourmet roasted pepper and herb scent. Although hotter than the Gourmet Pepper Sauce, Red Sol is still a very approachable pepper sauce fitted for daily use. Starting with a rich smoky pepperiness, an initial Haba?ero style heat leads into a subtle salty-sweet, and citrus notes flavor. The extra heat will be more recognizable towards the end of the flavor travel in Red Sol, but is still not overbearing and very well balanced for your enjoyment. Great on shrimps, chicken and pork!!!

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Ingredients: Roasted Red Peppers, Jalape?os, Haba?ero Peppers, lime juice, paprika, sea salt, Chipotle Peppers, pure cane sugar, orange peel, garlic, citric acid & Jak Jeckel Seasoning Blend

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