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Jak Jeckel Tocino De Fuego Fiery Spanish Bacon Hot Sauce


Jak Jeckel Tocino De Fuego Fiery Spanish Bacon Hot Sauce – Adds flavor and depth to any dish by delivering that classic peppered bacon taste, without being masked or overpowered by heat or other spices. This sauce is quite different than any other bacon sauce on the market right now. Its straight up peppered bacon sauce, simple and straight forward.Tocino De Fuego boasts a rich cilantro intro, which smoothly leads into an intense BACON flavor followed by a hint of toasted fennel, rosemary and generous Haba?ero heat. This sauce is rounded out by a delicate balance of salty and sweet and just a hint of dried onion to top it off. Great on chicken, in beans and to spice up a Bloody Mary mix!!!

From Pennsylvania

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Ingredients: Haba?ero Pepper, cilantro, granulated sugar, lime juice, paprika, cane vinegar, garlic, salt, spices, onion dries, spices, Habanero Dried, Black Pepper, Rosemary, ham flavoring, citric acid, garlic powder & fennel seed.

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