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I have always had a passion for cooking, especially BBQ. I love mixing sauces and rubs to create that perfect blend. Last November I left my job running a huge retail organization after 22 years. While debating what I was going to do, and whether to open a spice shop, I looked up from my dining room table. There, staring at me, like a sign from above (literally), was a sign that I bought years ago that read “life is short, don’t dilly dally.” That was the push I needed to take the leap into my own business, doing the thing that will make me happy. I’m dedicated to finding the best products from around the country, and offering them to you. We will always deliver the greatest customer service, and will always have time to strike up a conversation about your recipes. Living in this small town is what it’s all about. Don’t be surprised if your recipes become posted and shared with others. I look forward to seeing you at Dilly Dallies spices and sauces!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to check us out!

Dilly Dallies Spices and Sauces Store in Springville, NY

Our New Store is Open!

Come check out our large selection of Spices, Seasonings, Sauces, Rubs, Drink Mixes, locally made cheeses, and more!

Address:  53 East Main Street
Springville, NY  14141
 (See map for Directions)

Shop Hours: Sunday – Saturday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Phone:  716-794-3122

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Dilly Dallies

Inside Dilly Dallies Spices and Sauces Store

Gourmet Mustard, BBQ Sauces, Chicken Wing Sauces, marinades & rubs

Local products stand at Dilly Dallies Store

Local Products – NY Maple Syrup, Honey & More

Cuba Cheeses Inside Dilly Dallies Store

Cuba Cheese, Cheese Curds Specialty Sodas

A Sampling of Unique Products from Dilly Dallies


Our Online Store is Open. We are always updating our store, please check back often.

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