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Bayou Pecker Power Louisiana Pepper Sauce


Bayou Pecker Power Louisiana Pepper Sauce – The blend of spices and beer that completes this Haba?ero sauce is derived from the Caribbean-Style Pepper Sauces. That with just enough garlic and onion to taste makes this the most unique pepper sauce to come out of Louisiana. It is the hottest sauce we offer but even with that the heat is not greater than the flavor. It was produced with the thought that, as with anything, if you didn’t sweat, it wasn’t that great. Try on anything…. pizza, pasta, beans & rice, sandwiches, eggs, grits, fish, chicken, red meat, stews… you name it

All Natural – No Preservatives.

From Louisiana

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Ingredients: Haba?ero peppers, cane vinegar, beer, minced garlic, minced onion, spices & sea salt.

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Weight 5 oz