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Dr. Assburns All Natural Elixirs Fire Roasted Haba?ero Pepper Sauce


Dr. Assburn’s All Natural Elixirs Fire Roasted Habaero Pepper Sauce – My name is Dr. Aiken Assburn; my Elixirs are now available to you, after benefitting our family and friends for three generations. Created by my Great Grandma Mia Assburn, perfected by my Grandma Yusa Assburn, Yusa taught my mother Mora Assburn, how to make the Elixirs. Dr. Assburn’s life changing Elixirs are made of the finest ingredients. Now I wouldn’t sell you anything I haven’t tried myself. So take home these Elixirs today, and share them with family and friends. All Natural Elixirs. Spice up wings, chili & soups!

From Florida

Ingredients: Fire Roasted Habaero Peppers, red wine vinegar & salt.

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Weight 5.7 oz